We are thankful for the generosity of the Mount Carmel Community! Mount Carmel has been offering the Giving Tree as a part of our community for the past 20+ years. It was born out of a pre-built program, but it continues as a passion project for Mount Carmel. For the past two years, it has been led by the Ruehlman Family.

A note from the Ruehlmans:

Our family answered the call to lead The Giving Tree in 2020, a year that was full of change, uncertainty, angst, and hardship. However, year after year this doesn’t stop the mighty God we serve nor prevent us from bringing joy, happiness, love, and blessings to our neighbors. We are reminded by each smile, gleaming ‘thank you,’ and joyous Christmas story that The Giving Tree provides an opportunity each year for families to celebrate the holidays when they may not have the chance without the generous hearts of the people at Mount Carmel Christian Church.

This could have only been accomplished with many hands, and much generosity from our community.

Together we:

– Supported 80 families and 232 children during this Christmas Season
– Purchased 72 gifts
– Built 80 cookie kits
– Gathered $8,250 of gift cards

God is good and He is working through you and our community to spread his name. Thank you!