You’re never too young to learn about Jesus! The ministry of Mount Carmel Kids seeks to teach children about the love of Jesus and to bring them into a lifelong relationship with Him. We develop partnerships with our  parents to help them share with their kids God’s love for the world.

Mount Carmel Kids is committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus each week on an appropriate level. We worship, sing, pray, and share life together. Caring, background checked, and trained individuals share the love of Christ with each and every child.

Hey families! Are you looking for some fun ways to pass your faith to your kids? These experiences are already created for you and broken down by age for preschoolers and grade for elementary children.


When you arrive at Mount Carmel, you’ll see a table of iPads and printers in our foyer. You’ll type in your last name or cell number and be able to check off the members of your family that are attending Mount Carmel Kids. Place the name tag on your child’s front or back and keep the small numbered tag. If your child needs you, this number will be flashed on the screen in the adult worship service. Once you’re checked in, come around the corner to our ministry area. You’ll be greeted by one of our room runners to take your child to their classroom.

Parents of children who are 0-24 months are invited to walk their children to the classroom. You’ll be asked to place any personal items inside a clear ziplock gallon bag that is provided by our nursery team. Diaper bags can be left outside the nursery on our bench OR taken to church with their parents.

Both preschool and elementary students will have the opportunity to worship, play games, and have an interactive Bible lesson during our Sunday morning programming. We use creativity to engage students in a fun way so that they know how much God loves them and has a plan for their lives.

After the adult worship service, we ask that you pick up your family immediately so that our volunteer team can take care of their own families. Be prepared to show the tag you received at check-in so that we can safely match children/parent tags. We have team members who will bring your children to you after they have gathered their papers and are ready to go.

We ask that children be healthy to attend our program. We want to keep our volunteer team and other children free from illness. Children who are visibly ill or are running a fever should stay home until they’re well enough to enjoy MC Kids.

We encourage parents to join our Mount Carmel Kids Parents Facebook Group for more discipleship at home resources and to stay informed of our family-friendly events.

Our team is trained and ready to provide an excellent experience for your children. We can’t wait to see you!


We have several ways you can be involved in our Mount Carmel Kids Ministry! We have greeting and check-in teams for our Sunday services.

Our Sunday morning experience utilizes small group leaders in each age group to facilitate conversation and lead activities.

Seasonal events are also a great place to plug-in, build community with others, and provide exciting events for our kids.

You can start here by filling out one of our Team Member Application form. 

We strive to create a safe and caring environment for our kids. All of our volunteers undergo a background check and training prior to their role in KidCity.

Additionally, each child is checked into KidCity by an adult. For children to be picked up after service, their tags must be matched with an adult’s corresponding tag.

We’ve found that children relate best in groups of others in their own life stage. Our activities and teaching methods are age specific and your child will enjoy making new friends their own age.


At Mount Carmel, our mission is to teach preschool children that they have a great big God in Heaven that loves them so much, He sent Jesus to be their Savior. Children should know this as much as adults do and they should start learning about Him as soon as they can. We provide a safe and loving environment for children that allows parents to worship and learn with the “Big People.”

In knowing that strong, faith-filled families are important for the growth and development of children, we provide resources and assistance to equip you in creating that environment. Please ask one of the staff for assistance if you would like to explore these resources.

Hey families! Are you looking for some fun ways to pass your faith to your kids? These experiences are already created for you and broken down by age for preschoolers and grade for elementary children.


We provide a great environment for nursery age and preschool children on Sunday mornings during all services. Kids listen to a Bible story, play games, and do activities and crafts that reinforce what we’ve learned that day.


If you’re visiting Mount Carmel Kids for the first time, welcome! You’ll proceed to our check-in area in the lobby. There, we will have a team member who will be happy to take your information and get your child(ren) registered/ready for class! The next time you attend, you’ll just need to share your phone number or last name with our team member in the lobby for check-in.

Hey families! Are you looking for some fun ways to pass your faith to your kids? These experiences are already created for you and broken down by age for preschoolers and grade for elementary children.


Volunteer opportunities are always available. Whether you want to care for the youngest of our Mount Carmel families and guests, teach and play with 3-5 year olds, serve as a small group leader, or help prepare lessons and materials within the ministry, we would love to hear from you. We love getting to know our members and finding out where their gifts can be best used!

If you have a heart for children and want to grow more yourself, we encourage you to get involved in the ministry. There are few things in life as rewarding as  teaching children how to walk closer to Christ.

You will read them stories from the Bible, talk about their lives, how Biblical stories apply to their lives, show them love, and teach them how to pray. Teaching children grows you in many ways.

To get involved contact Lisa Davis.

At check in, you receive multiple tags. There is a tag for your child to wear so we an learn their name, a second to label their diaper bag/coat, and the third is for you to hold on to until you pick your child up. This third tag has a number on it that corresponds with your child’s name tag. If your child should need you during service, that number will appear on the screen in the sanctuary on the very bottom left.


My husband, Brian, and I have 3 adult daughters who are married to 3 wonderful men. We have been blessed with two grandsons! I have a Master’s degree in Ministry Leadership from Cincinnati Christian University and have had the blessing of serving two other congregations in the areas of Student and Children’s Ministry.