We are looking for families to host a small group in their homes. If you enjoy providing the gift of hospitality and facilitating discussion, we’d love to talk to you about joining the team. Please use the response card to let us know that you can help and Aaron Adams will be in contact with you.


At Mount Carmel, our Build Team is responsible for helping you grow in Christ, get connected into groups, provide care in times of need, and help get you connected into serving opportunities at Mount Carmel and with our Ministry Partners.
When it comes to learning and living scripture, Mount Carmel has 2 different opportunities. We have traditional small groups, where people can join together, usually in homes, and have a time of scripture study, reflection, and discussion on a topic the group is studying. Many groups also have times of relaxed conversation, beverages, and snacks. You can find out more in the small group section below.
For a discipleship type journey, Mount Carmel has smaller group environment called 1w3. A 1w3 group consists of a leader and 3 disciples who take about a year long journey together studying our 1w3 curriculum. This program allows for deeper and richer discussion as the group size is limited and there is a structured program of study. If you are interested in a 1w3 journey, please contact Aaron Adams.


We try to place people in groups where the members of the group are in the same “phase” of life.

We aim to have group leaders to invite people, so all you need to do is sign up and we’ll reach out soon after.

It’s okay to say you don’t feel a connection with a group you get placed in; getting into or out of a group is judgment-free. We only ask that you give a new group a fair shot.

With our focus being on relationships, we won’t ask a group to split apart, “birth,” multiply, or whatever buzzword for breaking up is en vogue. The only thing we hope for is leaders to step up and step out when they are called and ready to do so.


What does it mean to be a disciple? Is it following a rigid thought process? How does it impact our daily lives? What is the benefit of it in the long run and how can I pass on what I learn?

We asked these questions to a group of our friends from different stages of life to help get a better understanding of what it looks like to follow Jesus here at Mount Carmel. We hope that by getting to know a little bit more about them, that you would want to get to know more about us and enter into a conversation about how you can grow in your faith with the goal of helping others do the same. Enjoy these stories and feel free to share your story with us as well! Contact our Groups Minister, Aaron Adams, with any of your questions or comments.