By: Tim Peace

We like to add an item or two to our Christmas decoration collection each year. So this year, we got one that our son Leo could play with: A Fischer-Price Little People Nativity set.

The funny part about giving a two-year-old a toy nativity set is that each time you walk into the room, you never know where the little figures will be in relation to one another or the set as a whole.

On more than one occasion, however, we’ve walked into the spot where the nativity set is to find baby Jesus not in the room with his mom and dad (Mary and Joseph) but sitting on top of the roof, high above everyone else. Being a stickler about things being in proper order, I usually put things back where they “belong.”

But, still, I can’t help but think he’s making an astute theological statement.

(Or, he sees himself as the baby and puts the baby above mom and dad, this could be really deep).

Okay, he probably means about as much as a toddler could mean with his toys, which is that he’s having fun moving his toys to different spots because it’s fun.

The truth is, the Gospels put Jesus in both places: the humble, vulnerable child (Matthew 1:25, Luke 2:7) is also Christ the King, the Word who was at the beginning (John 1:1).

Whether we’re reading the versions our faulty nativity sets are based on, from Matthew and Luke, or reading the prologue from the Gospel of John, the beauty of the Christmas story is that Jesus is God with us in the flesh. He is also the King at creation and ruler of the world.

I love reminders of this, even when they’re set up by my two-year-old with a Fischer-Price toy set.