By Jason Taggart (Father)

This year (2022) we wanted our boys to be able to go and experience a mission/work trip to help others in need and experience what we have in the past when I used to lead them. Only Eli, our 14-year-old, was able to go this year with the group to Western KY to help out with the tornado victims. Cindy and I were not able to go with him, but he was able to go with a close friend of ours and his son, Chris and Caylob Brasington.

For the first few days, he would call in the evening and ask when we were coming to get him. We convinced him to stay there to get the full experience, and he stated it was one of his best decisions. He came home with the song “Let Me Tell You About My Jesus” in his head and would sing it all of the time. This trip, the friends he made, and the people he was around helped him make the decision to follow Jesus as his Lord and Savior for the rest of his life.

Being able to baptize our son was one of the greatest things in my entire life! During my youth ministry, it was always awesome to baptize young men and women, and I did so a lot, but baptizing your own child is so much more personal. It is such a joy knowing that he belongs to Jesus and Jesus belongs to him.

I want to thank the church for sending our son – it was a life-changing experience for him. I cannot thank you enough for such a blessing!