By: Aaron Adams

Rules are a part of life, right? I’m sure most of us grew up in a household where we had to abide by some sort of rules. It makes sense. For me, I wasn’t just allowed to beat up my younger siblings without there being any consequences. I wasn’t allowed to just say whatever I wanted without consequences. I had to do my chores or face the consequences. I had to live by the rules or pay the consequences, even if I didn’t fully understand them. Rules are certainly a part of life. They’re a part of life as children growing up under the roof of our parents and they’re a part of life as adults too.

So, are the Ten Commandments just a set of rules? I can see where some might view them that way. I think I’ve probably been in that boat myself at times too, especially during my younger years. Or, perhaps, maybe you haven’t put much thought into the Ten Commandments and what they are or what they aren’t for us today. Regardless, what are these Ten Commandments?

The Ten Commandments were given directly from God to Moses on Mount Sinai. They were inscribed on stone tablets and brought down by Moses from the mountain to share with the Israelite people. At first glance, it might just appear like just a bunch of rules. Things that you should do, and things you certainly shouldn’t do.

The truth though, is that the Ten Commandments are so much more than just a set of rules to live by. In fact, it’s a list that points the way toward TRUE living. God loves his people. God desired that the Israelite people know him in a very personal way. The TEN show how we can live with him and live with others in the best way possible.

This series “The Ten” is all about diving into why God gave these specific ten commandments to Moses and the Israelite people. When we take the time to dive in to the “why” about the “ten” we’ll find the heart of God for his people…for me and for you.

I’ll see ya on Sunday!

God Bless,

Aaron Adams