Did you know that it’s been over a decade and a half since Mount Carmel started going on disaster relief mission trips? It all started way back somewhere in the years of 2008-2009 when the Mount Carmel Student Ministry accompanied by a group of adults went down to New Orleans, Louisiana to continue relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area for many years after. At first, it was an every-other year mission trip. After a few years, the trips began gaining momentum and the decision was made to make the trips a part of our yearly ministry strategy. Since that very first disaster relief trip to New Orleans, Mount Carmel has been to Joplin Missouri, Hattiesburg Mississippi twice, Jackson Kentucky twice, Albany Georgia, Houston Texas twice, and we’ve even stayed in our own backyard of Cincinnati on a few occasions. 

When you look back on all of the years, all of the individual trips, all of the people who’ve attended, all of the projects completed, organizations we’ve worked with, homeowners impacted, donations received, and more, it’s hard not to get excited every single year for these trips. God continues to amaze us each and every year as he works in us, and through us. 

On December 10-11th 2021 a large and strong storm system ripped through the central and southern United States creating widespread damage in multiple states, including Western Kentucky. CrossRoads Missions noted that “One of the more extraordinary aspects of this severe weather event was the long-lived nature of the tornado-producing thunderstorms. In particular, two supercell thunderstorms each traveled well over 100 miles, producing tornadoes along the way, before dissipating well after dark.”

This year we’ll be partnering with CrossRoads Missions in Western Kentucky in an effort called “Operation Recovery.” Operation Recovery has a primary focus of the smaller counties of Hopkins and Caldwell County. This is around the Princeton and Dawson Springs communities. For example, in Dawson Springs, 900 of the 2000 homes there were destroyed or seriously damaged.’

July 16th-23rd 2022, Mount Carmel Christian Church, Parkside Christian Church, and Community Christian Church will be taking a team that has grown to over 70+ individuals to work alongside CrossRoads Missions and the local churches to help folks in the area recover and rebuild. But even more important than the rebuilding that will happen during the week, is that we spend our week with the intention of being the hands and feet of Jesus. God is at work. He is at work through the formation of the team of individuals who’ll embark on our week-long trip and God is at work through the many donations received that help make this trip possible. 

And guess what? It’s just the beginning. 

We’re excited to see how God continues to work leading up to the trip, during the trip, and well after the trip. 

God Bless,

Aaron Adams + Tim Pride