What is Men’s Ministry? How would you define it? The answer might seem complicated at first. But I don’t think the answer should be as complicated as we often make it. Men’s Ministry, at least at Mount Carmel, is a group of Mount Carmel men that come together to grow in relationship, to challenge one another, to encourage, and to learn. 

The truth is that relationships matter, and good relationships, are priceless. Good relationships, relationships that are built on trust, and are God-centered, can quickly become life-giving and fulfilling parts of our lives. The sad truth is that for the vast majority of American men, we are relationship poor. We need relationships, and we need good ones, but we struggle to put ourselves in spaces where we can become vulnerable, and put in the work to develop those relationships that become life-giving and fulfilling. 

The Mount Carmel Men’s Ministry was born out of the idea and the hope to provide opportunities where those relationships can be created and where they can thrive. In the last year we’ve gathered for breakfast, we’ve gone hiking in the freezing rain, we’ve seen who our “dead-eye” shooters are as we joined each other for a morning at the shooting range, we’ve gathered at a local brewery and more…

You want to know my favorite thing about those gatherings? It wasn’t the food at the breakfast, because the food was GOOD. It wasn’t just spending time in nature on the trails of East Fork State Park. It wasn’t the ability to get out and shoot guns, which I thoroughly enjoy doing. My favorite thing? It’s the guys that show up. It’s the men that I’ve gotten to meet, know their names, and understand a little bit about who they are. My favorite thing is the challenge of allowing other men to know me and speak into my life. It’s provided a breath of fresh air in a world filled with noise. These gatherings are an opportunity to begin to develop relationships…good relationships. But, it’s just the start.

My challenge for you, if you’re a man at Mount Carmel, is to be one who shows up when you can. Relationships, God-centered relationships, matter.

Our next Men’s Gathering is July 8th at Great American Ballpark. Maybe the Reds will surprise us with a win. 

Be Known.

God Bless,

Aaron Adams