Dear Mount Carmel family,

It seems every day, we hear new reports of people in our community coming down with the cold, the flu, or COVID. Our hearts go out to those affected by illness, and we ask you to join us in praying for speedy healing for everyone suffering from sickness. If you know of someone you would like the staff, elders, and prayer team to pray for, please follow this link to add them to our list.

We are very interested in helping our church family and friends stay well this season. We encourage, when attending services, that you wear a mask. Starting this weekend, our staff and ‘guest facing’ volunteers, such as the Welcome Team, Mount Carmel Kids, and Mount Carmel Students, will be wearing masks. This will be temporary, and we will continue to monitor our community for positive changes.

We hope and pray that all of you stay safe and healthy.


Jeff Perrine