By Lisa Davis

From Trick Shots to Family Worship: A Journey of Faith & Fun with Mount Carmel Kids

Over the weekend, Mount Carmel Kids leaders packed our cars and took 32 students and 8 adults to CIY’s SuperStart Conference in northern Kentucky at Lakeside Christian Church. We joined about 1000 other students and adults for this  2-day experience for preteens and we enjoyed every minute! Why is this conference so special? Because it’s JUST for preteens! This year’s theme involved a trick shot competition which is wildly popular among kids who watch Dude Perfect videos.

Although the trick shots seemed unattainable, kids were called on stage to give it their very best shot! One of our students, Dominic Weber, made it to the stage and won!

The tie-in was perfect as we did a deep dive into God’s Word: “Everything you say and everything you do should be done for Jesus your Lord. And in all you do, give thanks to God the Father through Jesus.” Colossians 3:17   The weekend’s theme of 3E was Everyone, Everything, Everywhere; challenging our students that they can serve God by serving the people around them, using the passion and gifts given to them by God, wherever they go!

We ended our weekend by celebrating at Glow Putt on Saturday afternoon. You can check out our SuperStart experience on Mount Carmel’s Facebook page.

I’d love for you to mark your calendar for Friday, April 26 for our Best Night Ever; 7th Inning Stretch. It’s our very first family worship event for our Family Ministry strategy. Whether you’re a brand-new parent or parents of high schoolers, you’re invited! It’s time to hit the pause button on your family’s calendar and exercise our spiritual muscles. Come join us for wiffle ball, baseball themed food, trivia and prizes in the foyer. We’ll then move into the Worship Center with live worship, score cards for the kids and learn from our sportscaster dads and coach about how to lead your family closer to Jesus! We’re handing out tickets for this event on Easter Sunday, so make sure to get your tickets and also grab a few for a friend who could use some encouragement in this area. We’re at home plate with you, mom and dad! Let’s link arms and run to first base together!

Cheering you on,