By Lisa Davis

A few years ago, a friend and I started dreaming about what a mom’s group could look like at Mount Carmel. Sketches on a white board, inviting new leaders and finding material to study has turned into Recharge; a Group For Moms. Despite an interruption in our flow due to the pandemic, this group continues to grow and flourish.

If I would describe Recharge to a new friend, I might say that it’s the community and support you never knew you needed. It’s friendship, it’s multigenerational, we love and learn together, and it’s community.  We have moms who are carrying their first child and moms like me who are experiencing the joy of being a grandparent. It’s prayer support, it’s a text thread of information and encouragement, it’s meal support for new moms.

Recharge is a steak dinner. Motherhood is tough and it’s even more challenging to find that time to study God’s Word when you have little ones who need to be cared for. While caring for our children is most definitely an act of worship in itself, Recharge provides a time to be in Bible study. Each week, our leaders participate in a connection call to ensure that we’re digging deep and provide biblical sustenance for our moms. We share challenges that burden our hearts and we’ve shed tears of joy as we look at the work that He is accomplishing in the lives of these women.

Our next 8-week session of Recharge kicks off on September 19-20. Each of the 8-weeks we offer a Tuesday evening group from 6:30-7:30 PM and also a Wednesday morning group from 9:30-10:30 AM.  It’s casual and we come with kids (yes, there’s childcare), our study guide, a Bible and something in a travel mug. We’re studying through Season 3 of The Chosen, a free downloadable app. Watch the episode ahead of time and look through your study guide to highlight what you felt God was speaking to your heart.

I invite you to step out; to find the group that you never knew you needed and to come to be known and loved.

With Joy,