By: David Rimarski

Summer is almost here! The weather is getting warmer, and pools are beginning to open up. I can already smell the sunscreen! When I was a student at my home church, I always looked forward to summer. Not only because I got a break from school but also because of the fun summer plans our student ministry had. I made so many good memories during the summer with my friends and the ministry team.

We have that same opportunity this Summer for your students here at Mount Carmel! Our ministry isn’t slowing down, in fact, we have a bunch planned for this summer. For our middle schoolers, we have a week-long retreat called CIY MIX happening June 19th-23rd. CIY is a great organization that puts these retreats on every year. I remember going to CIYs each summer with my church, and it having such an impact on my spiritual growth. Throughout the different days, there will be sessions, worship, small group time, quiet time with God, and free time to connect with others. A big focus at these retreats is what they call “Kingdom Work.”  Students are challenged each year to find ways to spread the love of Jesus through things they can do around their community.

For high schoolers, we will be joining the church on the mission trip to western Kentucky, July 16th-22nd. The tornado that went through last year did a lot of damage to homes around the area. They are still rebuilding, and many families are still waiting on their homes to be repaired so they can get back to their normal lives. This trip offers an amazing opportunity for students to put in hard work for others simply out of love in their hearts and to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Those are our two big summer events for the student ministry, and there is still time to register for them if any students are interested! If any students are unable to attend those events, we still have other events planned throughout the summer! We will still be having ALL-INs and other planned events for the students and their families, such as a game night and movie night! Summer is a time for rest and recuperation, but it is also a great time for growth and making memories with those around you. The Mount Carmel Student Ministry is excited about what God is doing in our church, and we are praying for God to use this summer as a pivotal point in the spiritual lives of our students!

David Rimarski