By Aaron Adams

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to find a small cabin in the woods, with a beautiful setting, perhaps with a warm wood-burning fireplace, and it was far removed from the hustle and bustle of people?

Doesn’t that sound nice?

If your answer is yes, well, you’re like me!

But, here’s the thing, I’m not just talking about heading to this cabin for a quick getaway vacation to recharge and relax. I’m talking about staying at this cabin, forever!

There are times when I want to run away to the cabin in the woods, away from the busyness, stresses, and anxieties we deal with in life because of people.

As Didi talked about this past Sunday, people are complicated! People can be challenging! The local church can be messy…because of people! We each bring our own personalities, opinions, baggage, and sin into the mix, and that can quickly turn messy, VERY messy. But, despite the mess, we find the beauty of the church.

See, throughout the earthly ministry of Jesus, he was preparing his disciples, his closest friends, and followers to literally go and be the church. Jesus gathered a small group of men, and they were just as flawed as any. They were all human, self-centered at times, and lacked faith. Heck, one of them even betrayed Jesus. So often, the disciples of Jesus didn’t exactly know what Jesus was trying to do or what he was trying to teach them. But in every interaction Jesus had, and in every conversation, he was building into his disciples the confidence to go and BE the church WITH people because the people are worth it. At times, it was messy, very messy, but it was worth it, and it made the church an unstoppable force!

Jesus came to bring the good news because people are worth it…and he taught his disciples the same thing. So in the moments I want to run to the cabin in the woods and stay there, I’m reminded that I’m not called to stay there and that I can’t stay there because people are worth it.

Despite all of its flaws, warts, and messiness, Jesus has called us to see beauty in the church. Jesus has called us to be in community with one another.

Who are the people that you’re sharing life with? Who are the few that you’re loving and leading towards Jesus?